ZK - CMW    c/n 1084
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At Gisborne, early 1970's        (E.Tait)

At Gisborne, early 1970's        (E.Tait)

At Air Force Museum, Christchurch, 1997        (L.Bayliss)

Front on view at Air Force Museum, 1997        (L.Bayliss)

Masterton 1965        © N. Worsley

Masterton June 1966        © N. Worsley

Gisborne 1970's        © N. Worsley

With John Rika Masterton 1967        © N. Worsley

A loading scene, details unknown        © L. Forhecz

Gisborne 27/12/1972        © Dave Bates

Loading at Gisborne 28/12/1972        © Dave Bates

Gisborne 27/12/1973        © Dave Bates

Gisborne 28/12/1973        © Dave Bates

Napier 27/10/1974        © Dave Bates

Thanks to my bro'-in'law Neville for these photos from early 2009
              all photos © Neville Vette

Back to it's working life at Pahiatua 7th January 1968        © Don Noble

Now with Fieldair at Gisborne 15th January 1971        © Don Noble

In the yellow Fieldair scheme at Gisborne 7th January 1973        © Don Noble
Originally delivered to DH Australia 20/10/1957
Aerial Agriculture, Bankstown as VH-AAL
To Robby's Aerial Services,South Australia as VH-RAL. Registration cancelled 10/08/1965
Exported to NZ, registered as ZK-CMW, ff 02/09/1965
To Air Contracts Ltd., Masterton and flown by Graeme Millward 04/09/1965 until accident at Pahiatua 14/03/1966
Rebuilt, flown by John Rika 14/06/1966 to 22/05/1968, then Don Cameron, crashed at Pahiatua 19/06/1968
Sold to Fieldair Holdings Ltd., Gisborne, ("as is") 03/02/1969
Used as a training aircraft as fitted with dual controls.
WFU 14/07/1975 tt 8915 hrs and stored at Gisborne
Transported from Gisborne to Wigram January 1986 and is now on show at Wigram Museum, Christchurch.