ZK - CPS    c/n 1609
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At Gisborne, late 1960's        (E.Tait)

Head on at Gisborne, late 1960's        (E.Tait)

Keith Turner at Masterton 1970's        © K Turner

Loading with Keith Turner at the helm        © K Turner

Landing with Keith         © K Turner

At Masterton again with Keith        © K Turner

At Masterton with Keith        © K Turner

Landing again with Keith        © K Turner

Darby Dunstan preparing to remove the wings after a forced landing at
Rakauroa, North of Gisborne        © Ian Alexander

28/10/1972 after a forced landing                © Ian Alexander

28/10/1972 with Darby about to prepare the aircraft for road travel to Gisborne
                                      © Ian Alexander
All 3 photos above exclusive copyright to Ian Alexander

Gisborne 28/02/1971        © Dave Bates

Gisborne 27/02/1972        © Dave Bates

Masterton 27/01/1974        © Dave Bates

Gisborne 27th December 1966        © Don Noble

Gisborne 15th January 1972        © Don Noble

Masterton 8th January 1975        © Don Noble
Imported by Hawker-Siddeley, Wellington, 1965, ff 03/12/1965
To Fieldair Ltd., Gisborne, 01/1966
Flown by John Riddell, Basil Martin and Keith Turner.
Force landed at Rakauroa 28/10/1972
Rebuilt, flown by Keith Turner 23/05/1973 to 30/05/1975
Crashed into trees at Nikau, 24/11/1976
Steve Welch fatally injured
Written off 13/04/1977