ZK - CPZ    c/n 462
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At Masterton, March 1966        © Neville Worsley

CPZ at Masterton 17th January 1968        © Don Noble

Gisborne 29th December 1970        © Don Noble

At Gisborne after C of A © 1973/74        © D. Lewis

Wairoa 27/02/1972        © Dave Bates

Gisborne 27/12/1972        © Dave Bates

Gisborne 28/12/1972        © Dave Bates

Napier 1st August 1976        © Don Noble

Napier 03/01/1977        © Dave Bates

Napier 23rd January 1977        © Don Noble

With CMU at Napier 02/12/1979        © Dave Bates

Napier 02/12/1979        © Dave Bates
Imported by De Havilland (NZ) Ltd., Wellington 14/07/1953, ff 02/10/1953
To James Aviation Ltd., Hamilton. "No.2" flown by Hap Neville (53/54), Red McNally (54/55)
Flown by Peter McNab until badly damaged by gale force winds at Taupo, 12/05/1958.
Registration cancelled.
Wreck purchased by Aerial Farming (NZ) Ltd., Palmerston North.
Rebuilt by Aerial Farming with new registration, ZK-BMO. Test flown 19/12/1958
Flown by Bob Divehall until Jan., 1960 then Bruce McMillan until crash at Niho Niho, 02/09/1960.
Wreck exported to Australia, rebuilt as VH-AAW and operated by Aerial Agriculture Ltd.
To Robby's Aircraft Pty. Ltd. as VH-RAS.
Imported back to N.Z. March, 1966 by Fieldair Ltd. at Gisborne. Ff 15/03/1966
Flown by Bob Cranston, Harley Cadwallader, Neville Worsley and Jim Frogley
Re-registered as ZK-CPZ. Fieldair Holdings (Central) Ltd., Palmerston North, 18/11/1980.
To Kairanga Aviation Ltd., Palmerston North, 16/09/1983.
Registration changed back to ZK-BDI.
Sold to Parakai Parachute Centre, Balmoral, 08/02/1988.
To P. Roberts, (Fieldair), Palmerston North, 29/09/1990
Exported to Australia 1990.
Registered as VH-BOS 10/01/1991 to Altair Aviation P/L, Camperdown, Victoria.