The Lawson Field 61st Anniversary Reunion
Gisborne - October 23 -25 2010
Originally Fieldair's first Beaver, purchased 21/12/1951
Recently acquired from Australia and restored in Fieldair
colours. Owner Hallett Griffin has done us proud.
Jim taking John Rika for a ride
Bruce Coulter taking his Super Cub BTX for a fly
This was Fieldair's 2nd Beaver, purchased in 1952.
Still operating as a full-time topdresser by owners
Jim & Barb Frogley at Havelock North.
Bruce Coulter            Bill Luther &         Granville Jones        Juliette Cadwallader                Lenn Bayliss       Lenn Bayliss
John Land                  Phil Goodwin       Neil Aird                      Harley Cadwallader                 John Land           Neil Aird
                                                                                             Mark Chrisp
Hallett Griffin                    Jim Frogley, Neville Worsley,               The Bushmere Arms                         Graeme Mills                   John Land                       Neil Aird
Bruce Thompson           John Rika, Harley C,                                                                                               Neil Aird                            Lenn Bayliss                  Graeme Mills
                            Peter Anderson, Hallett                                                                                          © Lenn Bayliss                                                          Lenn Bayliss
Granville Jones              Bill & Anne Luther               Gavin Conroy and Jay McIntyre
Beech V35 ZK-DDG       Piper PA-22 ZK-FJD                 Nanchang CJ-6  ZK-JQS
Some wonderful portrait shots from Lenn Bayliss
One cannot forget the hard-working
Cameraman Mark Chrisp who sacrificed
having a good time by filming the whole
weekend. We are indebted to you Mark.
Guy Stevenson flew in from
Taupo in his Winjeel  ZK-WJL

Andrew Hogarth put on a
fabulous display in XL750 ZK-XLA
John & Penny Bargh flew up
from Featherston in their newly
acquired Air Tractor AT402B
Andy Stevenson as smooth as
ever in one of his Cresco's
Bill Beard and Gary Butler flew
in from Ardmore in the oldest
Beaver still flying "Down
Under", c/n 25 ZK-CKH
Hallett and AZB departing for home
Hallett Griffin and
Bruce Thompson
New !!
Gisborne Herald
Reunion review.